A word originally used by Anaxagoras to mean an all-knowing, all-pervading spirit or force. In later Greek philosophy it came to mean simply mind, reason, or intellect.

In Philosophy

  • Reason and knowledge as opposed to sense perception.
  • The rational part of the individual human soul.
  • The principle of the cosmic mind or soul responsible for the rational order of the cosmos.
  • In Stoicism, the equivalent of Logos.
  • In Neo-Platonism, the image of the absolute good, containing the cosmos of intelligible beings.


Life is hard, this is just the way it is. Life is made of the stuff of hardness. There's no getting around this, and it is true for everyone in the world. We all have our troubles, we all have our pains. Weather it's a direct experience of not having enough, of watching something beautiful crumble, of getting burned by a fire or breaking a bone, or losing someone or something dear; weather it’s the knowledge that these good times will not last, and tomorrow will be just another day at the office, or the sensation that enough is never really quite enough: Life is hard, and it's different for everyone, but it’s always there.

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A Tally of Banannas

Monkey BuddhaOn my mind as of late has been the realization that we are all merely hairless apes that found a way off of the African savannas. Listen to the crowd roaring in an appreciative cacophony, "SCIENCE!" they cry, and, "EVOLUTION!" Huzzah, I add.

As a subtle result of this, I have been inadvertently thinking, among other things, "Mere humans, you are nothing more than arrogant apes, following hairless ape patterns, principles, perversions and instincts, and yet you do think so highly of yourself. You even think that a human-like PERSON created the entire universe, and that you are the center of it. That is very ape like, very DUMB and self centerd. Grow up, see past your nose."

Not about a rejecting God here, just that particular idea. I personally think that God, or the Ultimate Transcendental Cosmic Intelligent Beingness is beyond human form, beyond binary sexual identification, beyond all that jazz. I also happen to find deep inspiration in the concept that so are we, deep in the core of our being, beyond the human form that is constantly changing, constantly withering away, constantly in need of maintenance. It's all relative, right? We just get to make awesome stuff with all of this stuff while we're here... and we're apparently here, so...

So anyway, I had it wrong. It isn't just so that the mere human is in need of being humbled, and reminded of the inner ape within all of us in the light of our huge hubris, not just so. Actually, it's quite just so that we should consider considering the ape with a much higher regard.

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Emergant Selfhood

Energy flows where attention goes. The self is a continuous manifestation of endless reality. We become a channel to those energies which we pay attention to. We become this channel of energy, and identify with it's form. If we fixate to long on the form of the energies within us, manifest to our conscious mind as self identity (ego), we often find ourselves stagnating the flow of the same energies we seek to identify with, creating frustrations and crisis of self identity, wants and fears follow.


hands fastly bound

Boundless patience intense interludes Peace in knowing there is nothing that you can do surrender now there is nothing that you have to do In this world Stand In this world we draw lines in the sand for peace for hope for our better way to be I drew my line and prayed for connection I lost a companion or she lost me...

The delusion of the compulsory self

Sometimes I wonder at the person I go around in the world as, and at times how I managed to become him, if I simply managed to convince myself that I am him. A personal reminder slips into focus: Anything that I call my self that is changeable is not the actual, true self. It is at best a reflection. Mannerism, inner sense of culture, dominant thought pattern, habit, hang-ups: all transient, changeable, not lasting.

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